Friday 29 March 2024

New overall advert for Flexity 016

Flexity 016 at Fleetwood Ferry on 29th March, wearing its new yellow advert for Coral Island
Flexity 016 has received a new overall advert for Coral Island. The tram is basically all-over yellow, with Coral Island logos on the ends and above and below the windows along the sides, with contravision text covering the windows on three sections of the tram. The advert is rather unimaginative and bland compared to previous ambitious advert schemes that have graced the Flexity trams. On much closer inspection, the apparently plain yellow background contains an extremely faint brick wall pattern, this is so subtle as to be almost invislble unless viewed at very close quarters, and seems rather pointless. Flexity 016 previously carried a pink overall advert for the fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing which was applied in 2018.

Flexity 016 heading north at Cleveleys on 29th March

Flexity 016 turning right out of Bold Street in Fleetwood
Flexity 016 at Victoria Square in Cleveleys
The centre section of 016, showing the barely visible brick wall effect on the yellow
Flexity 016 in its previous advert livery at Cleveleys in August 2018

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  1. This has got to be the best advert yet applied to a Flexity 2. It is understated and leaves the viewer in no uncertainty that the advert is for the Coral Island entertainment complex. The "yellow brick road" effect is plain to see and the "Kids Eat Free" will have the same effect as the "Kids Ride Free" campaign that adorned the former Blue Buses RollerCoaster Route 1 buses. The over busy Pleasure Beach advert does not give the viewer enough time to read everything that is going on before the tram has gone. Inspired marketing by Coral Island. Twenty six times, the tram tells you and leaves you in absolutely no doubt that it is Coral Island where, in big bold lettering, your kids can eat free when you do. How much better can it really get?