Tuesday 28 February 2023

Transpora North West Enviro 200s in Cleveleys

YX68 URG turning from Cleveleys Promenade into Thornton Gate on service 24 to Fleetwood
Three Transpora North West ADL Enviro200 MMCs were spotted operating on service 24 in Cleveleys on 28th February. YW68 PDV & YW68 PDX are 10.8m 39-seat Enviro200s, new to Stuarts of Carluke in Lanarkshire in 2019, and still retain that company's blue livery. YX68 URG came from Powell's Bus Company of Rotherham.

Ex-Stuarts Enviro200 YW68 PDV on Cleveleys Promenade on service 24 to Blackpool

Enviro200 YW68 PDX arriving at Cleveleys bus station on service 24 to Poulton
Enviro200s YW68 PDX and BTS 570 with Enviro400 City 419 at Cleveleys bus station

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