Tuesday 5 July 2022

Four trams in use during the final day of testing on Talbot Road

Flexity 010 and 017 passing each other on Talbot Road on 5th July
Tuesday 5th July was the last of five planned days of route testing on the North Station tramway extension along Talbot Road. The final day of testing saw four trams in use simulating a normal service, these being 010, 014, 016 & 017. The very last tram to leave North Station was Flexity 017, which departed from the terminus just after 1410, before heading off down Talbot Road to the Promenade to conclude the current period of tests.

Flexity 016 waiting at the traffic lights at the top of Talbot Road

Flexity 014 heading east along Talbot Road
ADL Enviro 433 passes Flexity 010 waiting at the Talbot Square tram stop
Flexity 017 entering Talbot Square from the Promenade
Flexity 017 and Enviro 400 City 432 pass each other on Talbot Road
Flexity 016 heading up Talbot Road from the Promenade
Flexity 016 heading west passes Flexity 014, waiting at the junction with Dickson Road
Flexity 017, the last tram down Talbot Road, passes Enviro 408 at the Dickson Road junction

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