Friday 8 April 2022

Standard 143 on the Promenade

Standard 143 heading back north off the Pleasure Beach loop
Standard 143 was taken out onto the Promenade for a further period of testing on Friday 8th April, following its first outing a month ago. 143 trundled up and down the prom between Foxhall and the Pleasure Beach for an hour and a half during the morning. The growling noise from the motor gearing was unfortunately still evident, but the tram looked superb in the full sunshine.

Standard 143 heading south with Central Pier in the background
Standard 143 heading off down Hopton Road for its Promenade testing
A long zoom shot down Lytham Road of 143 passing through Manchester Square
Flexity 002 and Standard 143 passing at Foxhall
Standard 143 passing South Pier

143 turning from Lytham Road into Hopton Road at the end of the testing
Standard 143 heading north at Manchester Square
143 heading back into the fitting shop after the test runs on the prom
Standard 143 stopped at Foxhall Square


  1. Wonderful stuff as usual, good to see 143 in all her glory out on the seafront where she belongs!

  2. Thanks, yes it's nice to see her finally out in the sunshine after the false start when she was first 'launched' a few year ago.