Thursday 17 March 2022

Railcoach 279 returns to Rigby Road

Railcoach 279 approaching Blundell Street on the back of Reid Freight's low loader
Railcoach 279 was moved from the Fylde Transport Trust's depot at Brinwell Road in Marton to Rigby Road tram depot on Thursday 17th March. The recreation of English Electric Railcoach 279 from former trailer towing car 679 had progressed as far as it could at the FTT's premises, so on Thursday morning Reid Freight Services arrived with a low loader to transport 279 the short distance to the centre of Blackpool. After a tricky extraction from the Fylde Transport Trust's depot into the narrow confines of Brinwell Road, 279 was transported to Blundell Street, where the Railcoach was quickly unloaded and then moved into the tram depot by Engineering Car 754.

Railcoach 279 being winched onto Reid's low loader in the FTT depot at Brinwell Road
279 is nearly in position on Reid Freight Services low loader

279 securely chained down on the back of Reid Freight's low loader
The low loader carefully reversing out of the FTT depot into Brinwell Road
The low loader struggling to manoeuvre its way out of the FTT depot due to the restricted access
Railcoach 279 sat in the sunshine for the first time in several years
Railcoach 279 sitting in Brinwell Road ready to make the journey home to Rigby Road tram depot
Reid's low loader reversing out of Brinwell Road onto Clifton Road in Marton
Railcoach 279 on Lytham Road as it approaches the tram depot
Reid's low loader overshooting the correct left turn into Blundell Street
BTS Enviro 222 on staff bus duty passing 279 in Blundell Street
279 being winched down the low loader rail ramp onto Blundell Street
Engineering Car 754 towing Railcoach 279 along Blundell Street
Engineering Car 754 propelling 279 along Hopton Road into the tram depot
279 departing Rigby Road depot for further restoration with the FTT in August 2018
Railcoach 279 in September 2015, while being stored in the fitting shop at Rigby Road
279 leaving the old Lancastrian Transport Trust premises in Brinwell Road in October 2013
Trailer Towing Car 679 (279) in 1980s style green and cream livery at the Tower in March 2004

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