Tuesday 21 December 2021

Colourful Stagecoach in Preston

Scania N250UD Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMC 15305 in a livery celebrating Stagecoach and Ribble service
During several visits to Preston in Lancashire over the last year, I managed to capture a selection of the varied and colourful liveries that can be seen on Stagecoach buses that operate throughout the region.

Scania N250UD ADL Enviro400 MMC 15295 on the X2 service from Liverpool to Preston
Scania N230UD ADL Enviro400 15911 advertising Blackpool on the rear of the bus
Scania N230UD ADL Enviro400 15699 in "The Lakes Connection" livery on service 41
Scania N230UD ADL Enviro400 15232 in Stagecoach Gold livery on service 125 to Bolton
Scania N230UD ADL Enviro400 15818 in the new (mainly white) standard Stagecoach livery
Stagecoach MAN 18.220 Alexander ALX300 Driver Trainer 22078
Scania N230UD ADL Enviro400 15247 in yellow long-distance Stagecoach livery
Scania N230UD ADL Enviro400 15566 in heritage Ribble Timesaver livery
Stagecoach owned Megabus Volvo B11RT Plaxton Panorama 50407 on service M11 to London

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