Tuesday 3 August 2021

Talbot Road Track & Overhead Update

Overhead wiring now installed on the southbound curve at Talbot Square
The new track at the North Station tramway extension terminus has started to be concreted in. The first section from the junction of Talbot Road and Dickson Road has been concreted as far as the scissors crossover. At the other end of the Talbot Road extension, the overhead wiring on the southbound curve from Talbot Square to the Promenade has now been installed, although it still needs finishing off with frogs, etc.

The trackwork at the North Station tramway terminus is now being concreted in
Tents near the scissors crossover to facilitate the track work
Another view of the new overhead wiring at Talbot Square with Boat 227 passing


  1. not being wired for trolleys then?

    1. They haven't finished fitting all the frogs yet, but I believe it is being wired for trolley wheels.