Saturday, 12 June 2021

Balloons on LRT Service Specials

Balloon 707 northbound on the Promenade heading for Bispham
Saturday 12th June saw Balloons in use on specials in Blackpool, supplementing the normal Flexity LRT service. Three Balloons were in use throughout the day, displaying various destinations such as Starr Gate, Pleasure Beach, Bispham and Little Bispham. Flat fronted green and cream Balloons 707 and 718 were in use, as well as purple Balloon 711, with the top decks closed off as only one guard was rostered.

Balloon 718 and Flexity 005 at Starr Gate
Balloon 711 at St Chad's Road heading for the Pleasure Beach
Balloon 707 loading at the Tower with Flexity 006 heading south
Balloon 718 at North Pier waiting for its departure time
Flexity 014 at Gynn Square with Balloon 718 at the Cliffs Hotel tram stop
Balloon 707 approaching St Chad's Road on its way to the Pleasure Beach
Balloon 718 on a crew break at Starr Gate

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