Saturday, 12 December 2020

Tram rail on Cleveleys Beach

Tram rail and wooden board remaining from an old groyne on Cleveleys beach

Whilst going for a walk along the beach at Cleveleys the other day, I noticed a line of steel girders sticking out of the sand where an old wooden groyne used to be, most of the wooden boards have long since rotted away and a line of large boulders have replaced the old groyne. On closer inspection these turned out to be no ordinary steel girders, but sections of old tram rail driven deep into the sand.

A short section of tram rail sticking out of the sand
An end view of a barnacle encrusted piece of tram rail
Tram rail with Norbreck Castle Hotel visible in the distance
Tram rail along the alignment of the old groyne (now replaced by boulders)

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