Tuesday 4 August 2020

New Preston Bus Livery

20702 on Route 31, one of eight Solo SRs bought for the Park & Ride operation in 2008

Rotala owned Preston Bus have begun to repaint their fleet into the Diamond Bus two-tone blue colours in earnest over the last couple of months. Most of the buses painted so far have been Optare Solo SRs, but the Preston fleet is so diverse that even among the Solo SRs there are variations of vehicle type and livery style. Since the acquisition of Preston Bus by Rotala Plc in January 2011, many different vehicle types have made an appearance in the fleet, some of the current buses are even fourth hand. A batch of four brand new Wright Streetdecks entered service in July, being the first new vehicles to be delivered in the striking blue livery.

Optare Solo SR 20016 in a livery variation with light blue above the windows

Optare Solo 20000 leaving the bus station along Tithebarn Street on route 43

Former Malta Public Transport Solo SR 20877, note the air conditioning pods on the roof

Wright Streetdeck 40716 on Carlisle Street approaching the bus station

Ex London Dennis Trident 40632 in plain blue, on Fishergate Bridge at the railway station

Optare Solo SR 20703, one of two running without any fleet branding

Scania 30116 with blue roof and front, on route 89 to the Larches estate

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