Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Avanti West Coast Pendolino

A profile view of the driving car on Avanti Pendolino 390155 at Manchester Piccadilly

While passing through Manchester Piccadilly railway station on 27th February, I had a chance encounter with one of the former Virgin Pendolinos that are carrying full Avanti West Coast livery. Pendolinos 390155 and 390156 were repainted in the new Avanti livery in readiness for the launch day on Sunday 8th December last year.

Avanti West Coast Pendolino 390155 at Manchester Piccadilly Station

Avanti Pendolino 390155 leaving Piccadilly on the 1155 to London Euston

Avanti Pendolino 390155 departing on the 1155 service to London Euston

Virgin Pendolino 390013 "Blackpool Belle" at Layton Station, Blackpool on 3rd July 2018

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