Saturday 14 March 2020

Debut of repainted Balloon 707

Balloon 707 making its first heritage run to Fleetwood on Saturday 14th March

Flat fronted Balloon 707 was painted into green and cream as far back as August 2019, but after a long running saga with the tram's inability to charge its batteries properly, the problem has now finally been fixed, and 707 operated a successful test run on Friday. It was decided to substitute Balloon 707 for Trawler 737 on the Heritage Gold timetable service on Saturday 14th March. The day was mostly cloudy with rain in the afternoon, but a short break in the clouds while 707 was on a run through to Fleetwood enabled a few photographs to be taken of the tram in full sunshine.

707 beginning its run along Lord Street, Fleetwood on Saturday morning

Balloon 707 in Bold Street, Fleetwood with Flexity 005 and Enviro 423

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