Tuesday 8 October 2019

A Glimpse of Croatian Railways

Croatian Railways (HZ) class 1141 electric loco 301 at Rijeka on the 13:58 to Zagreb

A visit to Rijeka in Croatia on 8th October provided the opportunity for a brief look at Croatian Railways (Hrvatske Åželjeznice). Although Rijeka is the third largest city in Croatia, spending some time at the main railway station would lead you to believe otherwise. Apart from the occasional container train passing through on their way to or from the docks, there was very little in the way of passenger train activity. The class 1141 25kV electric locos still in use by Croatian Railways are based on a 1960s design by Swedish company ASEA, they were originally built for Yugoslav Railways prior to the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1992.

Two HZ Cargo class 1141 electric locos on a container train at Rijeka, with 221 leading

Graffiti covered class 6111 EMU 005 at Rijeka station

Croatian Railways class 1141 electric loco 310 at Rijeka station

Class 2132 shunter 310 on an empty container train passing through the city

PPD Transport class 2044 diesel loco 005 outside Rijeka station

Former Yugoslav Railways 2-6-2T steam loco 51-032 on display at the station

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