Monday 23 September 2019

Launch of Standard 143

Standard 143 at North Pier before the short launch ceremony

The launch event for newly restored Blackpool Standard 143 took place on the evening of Monday 23rd September. 143 departed Rigby Road shortly before 6pm and made the short journey to the siding at North Pier. Jane Cole, the Managing Director of Blackpool Transport, officially launched the tram with a bottle of bubbly, before the invited guests boarded 143 for a run to the Pleasure Beach. At the Pleasure Beach the guests crossed the road for the official launch evening which took place in the White Tower Restaurant. After the celebrations were over the guests returned to 143 for a tour of the illuminations.

Standard 143 leaving Rigby Road tram depot for the launch event

143 being launched by Jane Cole, the Managing Director of Blackpool Transport

143 at the Pleasure Beach lit up by the lights of the illuminated Frigate tram

143 at the Pleasure Beach, with Balloon 718 and Engineering Car 754

A special cake was made to commemorate the launch event

Standard 143 at North Pier alongside Flexitys 012 & 013

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