Saturday 25 May 2019

Spring Bank Holiday Heritage

Balloon 715 arriving at the Pleasure Beach loop

The first day of the Spring Bank Holiday weekend saw the debut of 1970s liveried Balloon 715 in normal Heritage Tour service. The Saturday morning output comprised of Balloons 701, 715, 717, 723 and 711 as the shop, along with Boat 600 and Railcoach 680. Balloon 717 was replaced by Boat 227 in the afternoon, also Standard 147 was noted out and about on a private hire.

Balloon 715 on the first service of the day to Fleetwood

Balloon 717 at the Pleasure Beach heritage stop

Balloon 723 with its new advert for Tram Sunday

Standard 147 passing the Pleasure Beach on a private hire

Balloon 711 arriving at the Pleasure beach to operate a service to North Pier

Boat 600 entering the loop at the Pleasure Beach

Balloon 701 at the Pleasure Beach arriving to operate a Fleetwood tour


  1. Having five Balloon Cars and two Boat cars out on the Blackpool Tramway makes it seems like old times (almost)!

    1. Yes it was nice seeing so many Balloons out, nearly like the old days as you say.