Thursday, 14 February 2019

BBC drama being filmed on St Annes beach

AEC Matador, Morris Commercial CDF and Bedford OYs on St Annes beach

Filming took place on a Fylde beach this week for the epic new BBC war drama 'World On Fire' starring Sean Bean. The seven part TV series is based on the first year of World War II, and has been filmed in many locations around Europe including London, Berlin, Paris, Prague and Manchester. Filming has been taking place this week on St Annes beach, which is standing in for Dunkirk in France where the evacuation of allied soldiers took place in May 1940, code-named Operation Dynamo. A varied selection of preserved WW2 military vehicles were used to represent the Dunkirk evacuation, these being strategically positioned around the beach as backdrops for the film work.

Austin K2 ambulance, Humber PU and Guy Quad Ant artillery tractor

A row of Bedford OY troop transport lorries

A selection of vehicles with a Morris Commercial CDF in the foreground

An Austin K2/Y military ambulance

A general view of some of the preserved military vehicles positioned for filming

Austin and Morris Commercial ambulances

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