Tuesday 20 March 2018

Rail Grinder visits Blackpool

The German rail grinder in use near the Lifeboat Station on Central Promenade
A Swiss made Meili VM8000 rail grinder belonging to Goldschmidt Thermit Railservice of Germany is in Blackpool this week. The vehicle was being used to grind the rails of the southbound track between the Tower and Central Pier on 20th March. When in use the VM8000 deploys four retractable rail wheels in order to run along the track, the road wheels being lifted clear of the ground. The grinding work was being done in between the normal Flexity tram service, with the vehicle raising its rail wheels and driving clear of the tram track on its road wheels to let each service car pass by.

Grinding the southbound rails opposite the Sealife Centre
The rail grinder in use near the Tower tram stop
A close up of the grinding mechanism and rail wheels
The rail grinder is operated via two remote control consoles

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