Sunday 26 November 2017

Final Brush Car 80th Anniversary Day

 Brush Cars 621, 623, 630 & 631 lined up alongside the Lifeboat Station
The final day of the 80th Anniversary of the Brush Car celebrations took place on Sunday 26th November. The main event of the day was a line-up of four Brush Cars plus the Trawler on the Central Promenade in the morning. Brush 621, 623, 630, 631 & 737 parked line astern alongside the Lifeboat Station for a photo call, before each tram continued on its individual duties in Heritage Tram Tour service.

Brush Cars 621, 623, 630, 631 & 737 lined up on Central Promenade
Brush Cars 623, 630, 631 and Trawler 737 heading North
Brush Cars 630, 631 and Trawler 737 on the Golden Mile
 Brush 631 and Trawler 737 bring up the rear of the cavalcade


  1. Hello Alan, It looked very cold, hope you were wrapped up warm! Thank you for posting these pictures. Michael.

    1. Thanks Michael, yes it was cold, windy and damp, not very pleasant. I didn't stay out very long.