Thursday 15 December 2016

More Single Line Working in Blackpool

Southbound Flexity 016 wrong line running past the track welding work alongside the Metropole Hotel
Further to the line closure that took place ten days previously, the southbound tram track between the Cabin and North Pier was closed again on December 15th from 10:00 until 15:00. Single line working was again in operation for the duration of the closure, using the northbound track only. Passengers wishing to travel south from the Cliffs, Gynn Square, Wilton Parade or Pleasant Street had to board the Flexity trams using the northbound platforms. The cause of the service disruption was further rail welding adjacent to the Metropole Hotel, at the same location as the work that had been undertaken on 5th December.

The first wrong line working of the day, Flexity 015 regaining the southbound track at North Pier
Flexity 006 crossing back onto the southbound line at North Pier, passing northbound 015
Southbound Flexity 006 at North Pier, with 015 waiting to travel north over the single line section

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