Monday, 19 September 2016

Heritage on Hire

Balloon 715 negotiating the rarely used crossover near the Tower
Railcoach 680 and Balloon 715 were used for a private hire on Monday 19th September. In the morning 680 made a tour of the system from Rigby Road depot to Pleasure Beach, Fleetwood and Starr Gate, before returning to the depot for a crew break. After lunch it was the turn of Balloon 715 which made various runs, venturing as far south as Starr Gate and Cleveleys to the north. Marton 31 was also hired for an evening run through the Illuminations.

A future Heritage Tour destination? Balloon 715 with "North Station Blackpool" displayed on the blind
Balloon 715 at Cleveleys with one of the new Enviro 400 City buses passing by
Railcoach 680 at Starr Gate terminus during its morning charter on 19th September

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