Friday 5 August 2016

The Graca Circle

Route 12 Remodelado tram 577 on Rua Sao Tome at the junction with Graca Circle line 28
Probably the most famous tram route in Lisbon is the Graca Circle. The Graca Circle line is made up of two separate routes, the 12 and 28, both of which wind their way up from the city centre through the hilly Alfama district, before diverging and descending to meet up again at Praca Martim Moniz. These lines are like a twisting switchback, and are some of the steepest adhesion only tram routes in the world. Route 28 is the most popular of these two services with tourists, with the trams often running to capacity all day through the Alfama district. A shorter but equally hilly journey through Alfama can be made on the circular route 12, where the chance of finding a seat is much easier.
Remodelado tram 552 on the Graca Circle route 28 at Largo de Santa Luzia

Remodelado 577 at a tram stop on route 12 at Largo Portas do Sol

Remodelado tram 577 on route 12 with the Church of Sao Vicente of Fora in the background
Remodelado tram 579 descending the steep Rua Limoeiro on route 28
Remodelado tram 565 climbing Travessa Sao Tome on route 28
The interior of Remodelado tram 577 at the start of route 12 at Praca Martim Moniz

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