Friday 26 February 2016

Twin Cars 671 and 681 reunited

Trailer 681 leaving Wyre Fish Dock at Fleetwood on the back of Calkeld Heavy Haulage's low loader
After Calkeld Heavy Haulage had delivered Brush Car 634 to Rigby Road depot they then headed north up the Fylde Coast to Fleetwood. Calkeld's next assignment was to collect Twin Set trailer car 681 from the Wyre Fish Dock at Fleetwood and transport it back to Blackpool. 681 has been a rather itinerant tram, first purchased by Merseytravel as part of an aborted tramway project on the Wirral, the tram was stored for several years in an open yard at Knowsley in Merseyside. When Merseytravel no longer had a need for their ex Blackpool trams, several of them were purchased by a private individual and moved to Fleetwood for storage. The decision to purchase trailer 681 and reunite it with motor car 671 at Rigby Road is for a future commercial venture.

681 and transporter approaching the West Drive traffic lights on Amounderness Way in Cleveleys
Trailer 681 and transporter manoeuvring into the unloading position in Blundell Street
Trailer 681 being lowered off Calkeld Heavy Haulage's low loader with the aid of an electric winch
The interior of trailer 681 doesn't look in too bad a shape despite several years of outside storage
Trailer 681 being towed along Blundell Street towards the tram depot by the fork lift truck

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