Monday 12 October 2015

Palladium Trident

Dennis Trident 974 (ex 304) seen in its new role as a driver training bus on Rigby Road
Dennis Trident 304 is now in use as a driver training vehicle. 304 has been renumbered to 974 and is painted in a grey and pale yellow colour scheme, based on the livery that was first used on the ten new 'Palladium' branded Mercedes Citaros that entered service at the end of May.

Palladium Mercedes Citaro 550, showing where the inspiration came from for the new driver training livery


  1. I think that buses look nice in this livery compared to the Company Colours as I call them.

    1. Colour schemes and bus liveries are a very subjective thing, I'd better keep my thoughts to myself on this one :)