Sunday 30 August 2015

August Bank Holiday Sunday

Railcoach 680 on its first day of operation in Heritage Tour service, heading south at North Pier

The second day of the August Bank Holiday weekend saw the gold heritage timetable in use, with Bolton 66, Twin Set 272+T2, Boat 600, Centenary 642, Railcoach 680 and Balloons 701 & 715 operating. Railcoach 680 was making its debut in Heritage Tour service at Blackpool, having only arrived on loan from the Heaton Park Tramway just over a week ago on 21st August. Centenary 642 was an extra untimetabled heritage car, in use due to spare crew being available. Fat door Balloon 711 was in use on specials again, and Boat 230 had to substitute for Boat 600 during the day, the latter was suffering from problems with its trolley pole.

Balloon 715 arriving at the Pleasure Beach with a good passenger load on Heritage Tour service
Southbound Boat 600, seen from Fleetwood bound Centenary 642 at North Pier
Bolton 66 waiting for its departure time at North Pier on an early morning Heritage Tour working
Railcoach 680 departing the Pleasure Beach for the Cabin passes Boat 230 taking a crew break on the outer loop
Twin Set 272+T2 at North Pier on a Heritage Tour working to the Cabin
Balloon 701 heading north to Fleetwood passes Balloon 715 parked on the centre track at Bispham
Centenary 642 was in use as an extra heritage car during the day due to a spare driver being available
Balloon 711 was being used in normal passenger service on specials, seen here bound for Cleveleys at Central Pier

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