Tuesday 18 November 2014

Brush 631 on Driver Training

Brush Car 631 heading south on driver training duties at Thornton Gate on 18th November

In scenes more reminiscent of the days of traditional tramcar operation, a Brush Car has been seen running with training vehicle 'L' plates on for the first two days of this week. On Monday November 17th, Brush Car 631 from the heritage fleet was noted out on the tramway wearing 'L' plates, and the following day 631 was again seen on driver training duties. Note, the photo of 625 below illustrates how the bumpers have been fitted in the incorrect position on 631 during its restoration, they are too far inboard and should have been positioned further back around the sides of the cab.

Brush Car 625 on driver training at the same location but 11 years earlier, on 11th April 2003

Brush Car 636 northbound at the Cabin on driver training duties in May 2003

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