Friday 2 May 2014

Starr Gate Heritage Shunt

Twin Set 272+T2, Brush Car 631 and Engineering Car 754 lined up during the depot shunt at Starr Gate on 2nd May
On the morning of Friday 2nd May 706 Princess Alice and Twin Set 272+T2 were moved from Rigby Road depot down to Starr Gate in preparation for the upcoming FTS heritage weekend. During the move Centenary Car 648 and Brush Car 631 were also moved around and repositioned within the depot. Here are a few photos of some of the heritage trams being shunted within the depot perimeter at Starr Gate.

A temporary warning notice outside the entrance to Starr Gate depot due to problems with the automatic electric gate
Open-top Balloon 706 Princess Alice arriving at Starr Gate depot on a repositioning move from Rigby Road
Balloon 706 being shunted into the engineering side of Starr Gate depot while Centenary 648 waits to come out
Centenary 648 being brought back into the depot after being shunted out onto the Promenade spur track
Brush Car 631 being brought out of Starr Gate depot during a repositioning move onto another track
Brush Car 631 being shunted back into the depot at Starr Gate
Twin Set 272+T2 being moved out of Starr Gate depot before being shunted onto a different road
Twin Set T2+272 being shunted around the depot tracks at Starr Gate

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