Thursday 21 November 2013

Classic Buses on Route Diversions

Ex Transdev London Dennis Dart X533 UAT on a March 19th diversion up Albert Rd due to promenade road works
During the course of the year, bus routes that normally operate along parts of the promenade have had to be diverted around the back of the town, both northbound and southbound routes, due to various road closures. Here are a selection of views of Classic Bus North West vehicles on temporary route diversions during 2013.
Former Metroline Dennis Dart Y652 NLO, new to CBNW this year, crossing Church St on a 10th November diversion

Ex Dublin Bus Olympian N324 NHG on a Dickson Rd diversion due to the Remembrance Day service on Nov 10th
Ex Stagecoach Olympian P915 RYO crossing Church St due to the Remembrance Day service on the promenade
Ex Metroline Dennis Dart T145 AUA proceeds inland along Albert Rd on a northbound route diversion on 19th March

Ex Lothian Buses Volvo Olympian P269 PSX on a route 22 diversion via New Larkhill Street on 21st March
Former Stagecoach London Dart V162 MVX on a diversion up Springfield Rd near the Metropole Hotel on 19th June

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