Tuesday 3 September 2013

Power from the Past

Boat 233 (605) at Beamish town on its last weekend of use in the UK before export, alongside a Sentinel steam wagon

The Great North Festival of Agriculture was held at Beamish museum from 29th August to 1st September. The event was given the title Agricultural Power from the Past, and offered visitors the last chance to ride on Blackpool Boat No 233 (605), which had been on loan from the Lancastrian Transport Trust for two years, before it departs for its new home in San Francisco. Trams in daily use over the weekend were Newcastle 114, Sunderland 101, Marton Box 31 and Blackpool Boat 233. More photos from the event can be seen on Blackpooltrams on Flickr.

Sunderland 101 (aka Blackpool 703) passes a steam roller and trailer on the approach to the Pockerley tram stop

1901 Newcastle tram No 114 pulls away from the Pockerley tram stop, passing the replica 1913 Daimler bus

1901 Blackpool Marton Box car 31 passing the cottages on the main street of the Edwardian town at Beamish

A former 1935 Oporto tram, now known as Beamish 196, sits on display outside the tram depot

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