Friday 24 August 2012

Heritage Tour to Cleveleys

Heritage Tour tram 147 unloads a group of passengers at Cleveleys
This afternoon the timetabled 14:55 Heritage Tour run from the Pleasure Beach was extended through to Cleveleys, where a large contingent of the passengers disembarked. The tram that was selected for this unusual working was Standard 147, which then continued on to Thornton Gate before reversing and heading south. The trip was not incident free, as on the return journey through Cleveleys the trolley pole decided to dewire just south of the tram station platform.

Standard 147 continues north to Thornton Gate, narrowly missing a motorist who ignored the red traffic lights!
As 147 returned southbound through Cleveleys tram station the trolley pole dewired


  1. Hi Alan just wanted to say thanks for such a good blog, I rely on it to keep me up to date with all things tram and really enjoy reading it! Keep up the great work! Regards,
    Jill Shepherd

  2. Hi Jill, thanks for visiting. I don't get everywhere but try to photograph anything of interest that I see. Alan