Monday 19 February 2024

North Station Tram Stop Subway

The new pedestrian subway as viewed from the railway station side

Work is nearing completion on the new pedestrian subway which will connect the yet to be opened North Station tram stop with Blackpool North railway station. Leaving the new tram stop, the left two thirds of the width of the subway is level, before reaching five steps which take you up to the zebra crossing which crosses the station access road. At the right hand side of the subway is a long ramp for the use of prams, wheelchairs and mobility scooters, etc. The opening date for the Talbot Road tramway extension has still not been announced yet, but the new Holiday Inn hotel above the subway is taking room bookings from Monday 6th May onwards.

A view through the subway showing the North Station tram stop (with the black seats)
The exit to North Station, with the sloping ramp visible in the foreground

Wednesday 31 January 2024

Manxman in January

The Manxman crossing Morecambe Bay with the snow covered Lakeland Fells beyond on 18th January

A selection of photos of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company ferry Manxman on its way to and from the Port of Heysham taken in January.

The Manxman passing in front of the wind turbines in Morecambe Bay on 30th January
Manxman passing the remains of the 1840 Wyre Light lighthouse off Fleetwood on 6th January
Manxman passing the Heysham bound Ro-Ro freight ferry Stena Scotia on 30th January
The Manxman and Heysham nuclear power stations as seen from Fleetwood eight miles away on 18th January

Wednesday 6 December 2023

And then there were none

Twin Cars 673 and 683 sat in the sunshine at Wyre Dock in February 2023

Twin Cars 673 & 683 were spotted on low loaders today, being transported away from their long term storage compound at Wyre Dock in Fleetwood. The Twin Set has been moved to an as yet undisclosed location, within 20 miles of Blackpool, and they were noted crossing the Shard Bridge in the direction of Over Wyre around lunchtime. These two trams were last last ones remaining in open storage at the fish dock, bringing to an end the long running saga of the old trams at Fleetwood.

Twin Cars 673 and 683 seen at the fish dock on 5th December, the day before their move

A close up view of the end of trailer 683 at Wyre Dock in June 2023

Tuesday 5 December 2023

Brush 637 Then and Now

Brush Cars 637 and 622 at the Fleetwood Ferry terminus on 27th September 2003
Brush Car 637 was scrapped at Wyre Dock in Fleetwood on the morning of Saturday 2nd December. Here are a couple of before and after photos taken 20 years apart. The first shot was taken in September 2003 at the Fleetwood Ferry terminus, the second shot was taken this morning at Wyre Dock, showing all that remains of Brush 637 are its pair of EMB L6 trucks.

All that remains of 637 now are this pair of EMB L6 trucks seen at Wyre Dock on 5th December

Twin cars 683 and 673 are the only complete trams still in open storage at Wyre Dock

Monday 4 December 2023

Farewell Brush Car 637

Brush Car 637 passing Carousel Amusements near Central Pier in May 2004
One of the last remaining trams stored at Wyre Fish Dock in Fleetwood met its demise at the weekend. Brush Car 637 was cut up on site on Saturday 2nd December, all that remained visible of the tram a couple of days later were the bogies. The body of 637 was apparently in a very poor state, with plants growing inside the tram. Fortunately many spare parts including the motors and bogies have been saved in order to assist in the restoration of other preserved trams.

Brush 637 southbound at Manchester Square in June 1972

Brush 637 passing Standard 40 from Crich on display at Talbot Square during Centenary Year (1985)
Brush 637 during its storage at Wyre Fish Dock in February 2023

Friday 1 December 2023

More photos of Archway Travel's new 12.8m Volvo B8L

Archway Volvo B8L AC73WAY leaving Fleetwood along Amounderness Way heading for Poulton
A few more photos of Archway Travel's brand new tri-axle Volvo B8L with Egyptian built 12.8m MCV eVoSeti single door double-deck bodywork. The bus was delivered new to Archway a month ago, and is currently being used on route 607 that operates between Thistleton, Elswick, Great Eccleston, Singleton and high schools in Poulton-le-Fylde.

Volvo B8L AC73WAY turning out of Archway's depot on Copse Road on 28th November
Archway Volvo B8L AC73WAY on Amounderness Way in Fleetwood on 1st December

Monday 20 November 2023

Archway Travel's new tri-axle School Bus

Archway Volvo B8L AC73WAY leaving Fleetwood for the afternoon route 607 school run from Poulton
Archway Travel of Fleetwood have recently taken delivery of a brand new tri-axle Volvo B8L with 12.8m MCV eVoSeti single door bodywork. The monster school bus is fitted with 98 leather seats, and is equipped with a Euro 6 compliant Volvo D8K engine running at 350hp through a ZF Ecolife gearbox. This new acquisition is the largest capacity bus in the Archway fleet by some margin, and is similar to twin-door Volvo B8Ls with the same body style that are currently operating in Hong Kong with Kowloon Motor Bus.

AC73WAY leaving Archway Travel's yard in Fleetwood for an afternoon school run on route 607 to Elswick
Kowloon Motor Bus V6X128 (YE893) Volvo B8L 12.8m MCV eVoSeti (Wikimedia Commons)